Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daily Good Thing Revamp

Why hello! Did you miss your Daily Good Thing? I know it has been a while...but things have been a little crazy over the past year or so. 

Quick Recap...
Last time I posted I had just moved to Atlanta and was looking for a job. And then I got one! I lived in an adorable tiny studio apartment right near the park and life was pretty good. 

 And then the most amazing, miraculous thing happened and I got the opportunity to live in my favorite city of all time - Hong Kong! Now I live in a teeny tiny apartment right in the middle of the city and it is amazing. 

Now that I'd achieved one dream I wanted to shoot for another one. So with the encouragement and support of some very good friends and family I picked up a writing project that I started several years ago. And I am so happy I did- I love it! It is still in the very early stages. It is hard to to write every day while working full time and having so many fun things to do in this amazing town but I write whenever I can. 

Now most of my free time is spent exploring my incredible city ,reading, researching the publishing industry, having adventures in and out of Hong Kong,  oh and eating, eating, eating. The food scene in Hong Kong is absolutely fantastic. 

My life is still full of daily good things- and I want to share them. The format is going to be a little different this time around. Previous DGT posts were a more vague- these are going to be more specific.  A lot of the posts will be Hong Kong/Asia related, more food, more books, and thoughts on writing. One of the best things about getting started on my WIP was discovering the awesome writing/reading community out there! I might not blog every single day but I'll do my best to do it frequently. 

So welcome to the new Daily Good Thing- full of tidbits on life in Hong Kong, books, food, writing, travel, and all sorts of fun stuff. Enjoy!

Hello world!
view of Stanley from the top of the Twin Peaks

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