Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swing Swing

If you know me you may know I am terrified of falling. Not heights but of the actual act of falling. I'm ok with roller coasters (I'm strapped in, I'm ok!) and airplanes (statistically I'm fine) but put me on a 2-foot stepladder and I'm shaking so hard I will probably topple over (proving that you should have NEVER put me on that stepladder).

If you know me you also might know I really, really, really LOVE trees. Bamboo, Redwoods, Evergreens, Banyan Trees- I love them all. Further proof here and here. Trees even play a pretty big part in my WIP.

When I was in Chiang Mai this month my love for trees was put to the test. I had an opportunity to go zip-lining in the jungle of Northern Thailand.  I've been zip-lining before but you zip-line, land, walk to the next podium, zipline, land, repeat. This was something called "Flight of the Gibbons" and you literally zip-line from tree to tree.

I had to at least try it.

We started out with some warm-up lines not too far above the ground. I didn't enjoy it at all. My harness felt too loose and was chaffing and our instructors were goofing off. After the second trial run we landed on a tree that was shaking in the wind and I almost turned back.

But I didn't- and I'm so glad I stuck it out and conquered my fear of falling! At least for the day. I did every single zipline- even the ones where they connect it to your back and you free fall for a bit. It was AMAZING. The views were incredible and I got to see the jungle and the trees in a way I never would have been able to from the ground.

Tree love!

Ok, maybe I was still a little scared. Just of the landing though!

Couples zipline. Aww
Lesson- always better to do something because you love it instead of not doing something because you are scared.

Also. Trees are awesome.

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