Friday, October 30, 2009


Sharing music with friends and loved ones is a great pick me up. From exchanging mixed tapes and burning cds for one another, the gift of music is timeless. I am always excited anytime a friend burns me a CD. Whether the songs have special meaning, have great lyrics, or are just fun to dance to, there are few things that can beat sharing great music with a friend or loved one. There are so many ways to share music now. If you hear a great song on the radio and it reminds you of someone, text or call them to tell them about it. Or send them a link to the youtube music video of the song. And of course you can't ever go wrong with burning a CD of your favorite tunes and giving it to someone special.

As I get older, my world gets bigger and I now have friends all over the world. Sometimes I will send a cd in the mail, or e-mail them the name and artist of my new favorite song. But I have found an even better way to share music with loved ones who are far away, or even ones who are close by. Check out . You download songs to your profile, and you can access those songs anywhere that has internet. It is really fun, and easy, to make a "joint" project playlist with friends. One person has to make the account, and then share the username and password. Make the ultimate playlist with your friends and loved ones. "Harmonize" your music tastes.It is a really great way to share music, and to feel close even if you are far away. Here I am having way too much fun listening to music from my boyfriend.

Making a playlist with a friend or loved one, and having that music to listen to, is an easy way put a smile on your face.

And That's Your Daily Good Thing!

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