Saturday, October 22, 2011

getting offline

Oh the Internet- keeping us all so connected. Email, twitter, facebook, is all great but sometimes it is nice just to unplug and get offline. I spend most of my days at work looking at a computer and then when I get home I will also spend another hour or two looking at a computer. I spent all day yesterday unplugged- left my phone at home, didn't open my computer- it was glorious. Made me kind of feel like I was on vacation. Brought a camera to document my day but the battery died- oh well- just one less screen to look at during the day :)

Slept in, tried a new Mexican restaurant for lunch that had awesome gauc, went to an afternoon matinee to see Friends with Benefits which was great, went up to the peak and found an amazing park that actually has grassy fields (so rare in HK), read for a few hours in the park which might be my new favorite place, hiked around for a bit enjoying the incredible views, went to Mongkok and thrifted for potential halloween costumes, and then finished the day with an Indian feast at a great spot in Causeway bay. Came home and was tempted to go online but instead curled up in bed with a book. 

Now I feel relaxed and rejuvenated and it I still have a whole day left in the weekend.

Overlooking Times Square in Hong Kong 

street crossing outside of Sogo in Causeway- very crowded

now that I've found a park I can combine 2 of my favorite things- books and tress! 

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