Monday, October 10, 2011

The Smell of Books

I absolutely love the smell of books. Old books, new books, any kind of book. I am also a slow convert to ebooks- although I will always buy real hardcopy versions of my favorite books. I must admit though that for traveling ebooks are great. It is really nice to load a bunch of books on my ipad or kindle before a business trip. I also want to support self-published authors and often the only way to read their work is via ebooks. So like I said- I'm all for ebooks. But I am missing that great book smell...

I recently found out that I can read my ebooks and have my book smell too! Ok maybe not exactly...but some brilliant folks came up with BOOK SCENTED CANDLES!

 There are a few different options- some are book scented candles that actually smell like paper and ink and books and another company offers candles that are author themed. For example the Jame Austen smells of Gardenia, Tuberose & Jasmine and Poe is apparently more of a Cardamom, Absynthe & Sandalwood 

And then for even more book/word love there was this little item on Etsy -

I adore this clutch with the dictionary print but would love it even more with copies of the pages of my favorite books. Maybe I'll suggest that to the artist - fingers crossed that isn't some sort of copyright violation.

I still don't think anything can replace the smell of a new book from a bookshop or the smell of a well-loved and well-worn book but I will definitely be ordering one of those candles.

Fun and fantastic book related goodies are always a good thing
"A room without book is a body without a soul"- Cicero 

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