Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Original Blonde Asian

A lot of people ask me why and how I got so interested in Asian culture. I actually have been really crazy about all things Asia since I was a little girl. My dad lived in Japan for 2 years and still speaks a little Japanese and used to talk about it and I think first sparked my interest in Asia. Of course when you are 6 or 7 you don't really differentiate between the different Asian cultures (so unpolitically correct- I know- but it was true for me). As I got I became more interested in China and Chinese culture and jumped at the chance to study Mandarin Chinese in high school. I still maintain a deep interest for all Asian cultures and recently I have found myself particularly fascinated with all things Japanese. 

I have always loved Japanese and Chinese food and when I was little my favorite thing to do with my dad was have a "daddy-daughter" date and go to a giant Japanese superstore and have a delicious Japanese lunch and then I got to pick out a cool Japanese toy.  It always was a toy related to the original Blonde Asian herself...Sailor Moon.

I loved, loved, LOVED the Sailor Moon show - it was the only thing I would ever wake up early for. In my old diaries I wrote about what was happening in Sailor Moon's life and speculated about what was going to happen next. I also had a huuuge crush on Tuxedo Mask. I still have a deep affection for Sailor Moon and feel a little bit of a kinship with her- blonde girls who live in Asia and love it. That is pretty much where the similarities stop (no moon crystal wand or talking cats for me) but I still smile whenever I think of Sailor Moon and credit the show for helping inspire my love of Asian culture. Sailor Moon also really inspired my early love for fantasy and sci-fi fiction and stories.

I just booked a trip to Japan in January and can't wait to go to eat the amazing food and soak up the culture. This one's for you Sailor Moon! 

Here's to favorite childhood TV shows. What are some of your favorites? 

"She will never turn her back on a friend...she is the one named Sailor Moon!" 

Dressed up as Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts for a college costume party in 2007

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