Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a picture worth a thousand words

I am recently LOVING artwork that uses actual words as the medium.  I fell in love these posters that print whole chapters or an entire book on the back of them. Going the opposite direction Vietnamese artist Huy Lam's beautiful portraits that are completely created using one or two words over and over again 

Van Gogh was created using the word "Genius"

Bob Marley, One Love

And for the one and only Marilyn Monroe- her supposed dimensions. An impressive 36-24-37 

Heath Ledger is immortalized in his famous role as the Joker using the words "Such a Shame"

They are all amazing (and you can check out more of Huy Lam's art here ) but my favorite is definitely the Van Gogh

I really want to try to re-create this style using one of my own photos. I'll post it when I do :)

Daily good thing- discovering awesome art 

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