Friday, October 14, 2011

Living Bridges

I thought that these treehouses were pretty amazing but I came across these beauties and they absolutely blew me away....

Living tree root bridges. They can be found in one of the wettest places on earth- Cherrapunji India. 

The bridges are made from the roots of the ficus elastica tree and actually get stronger as time goes on. They   take over 10 years to be fully functional but then you have strong sturdy bridges that can support up to 50 people or more at a time. 

Find out more about these miraculous living bridges here 

Serious travel-lust to see these gorgeous natural creations in real life. I've never been to India but I would love to go and when I do I will make sure to go to Cherruapunji. 

So many beautiful places to see in our world - I love having so much to look forward to and so many places to daydream about going. 

PS- This also gave me some serious inspiration for one of the settings for my work-in-progress...doesn't it look like the perfect setting for a fantasy story?