Thursday, October 20, 2011

ode to the nerds

This pretty much sums me up 

grumpy nerd in the jungle
 but actually really happy because I am hiking one of my favorite hikes in Hong Kong wearing a tank top from Laos and shorts from my alum UC Davis
-all things I am pretty enthusiastic about

Other things I am "nerdy" about (aka get way to excited over)
-good food
-mexican food in particular (missing this!) 
-researching trips
-local art that reminds me of places I've been 
-foreign films
-chinese literature
-China in general
-taking pictures 
-wet markets
-hong kong's dai pai dongs
-any kind of outdoor market
-fresh mozzarella
-autumn leaves (really missing this in HK) 
-tress in general. I really, really love trees 
-fantasy fiction
-dystopian fiction
-when people who didn't like to read discover the book that makes them a reader
-ice cream
-spicy sichuan food 
-dressing in costume
-dancing badly with lots of hair flipping
-board games

What gets your inner nerd going? 

1 comment:

  1. I love this one Katie!! I too am a huge nerdy sucker for waterfalls and dancing badly with lots of hair flipping - Lindsey