Thursday, December 17, 2009

Embrace Semi-Homemade Cooking

Master the art of "semi-homemade" cooking. Even if you aren't comfortable in the kitchen, making things "semi-homemade" is an easy way to impress dinner guests, or just improve your own meals. If you are a cooking purist and wouldn't normally combine pre-made store bought items with homemade goodies, consider trying out a semi-homemade meal. You'll be amazed at the time, and sometimes money, you can save. There is even a whole show on food network dedicated to the art of semi-homemade cooking, check out the website, "Semi-homemade cooking with Sandra Lee". I personally like to apply semi-homemade cooking skills when I am making a dish I am not familiar with. For example, I love Indian paneer with curry, but don't know how to prepare it. So one of my personal favorite semi-homemade dishes involves a store bought paneer and curry mix combined with freshly sauteed vegetables and steamed rice. It takes about ten minutes to make the whole dish, and the results are wonderful. I am sure that homemade paneer and curry probably tastes better, but until I know how to make it I am happy with my semi-homemade version. I like to use green beans and sweet potatoes (pictured above with the box of paneer I like to use)but you could substitute in any vegetable. While the rice is cooking I saute the vegetables, and right before they finish cooking I heat up the paneer and the sauce. A delicious, exotic meal in minutes.

And that's your daily good thing!

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  1. ya adding fresh ingredients to something packaged/prepared is always the way to go if you're going to go that route.

    I wish someone else did the "semi homeade" show on foodnetwork and not sandra lee...i cannot stand the word "tablescape"