Sunday, December 6, 2009

See a Show, Support Some Students

Show support for students in the arts! Attend a performance put on by a school near you. Not only will you be supporting performing arts programs, you will enjoy yourself and be entertained. Whether it is a college, high school, or even middle school performance, go out and see it. Make it an experience, get dressed up and go out to dinner beforehand. Bring flowers if you know one of the performers. Even if you don't have kids or friends in the show, keep an eye out in the paper for performance schedules. Another big plus about seeing shows put on by local schools is the price. Tickets are usually around ten dollars at the most, about as much as it costs to go to a movie, and this way you get to see a live performance as well as support the arts. Many high schools have excellent dance companies and great theater programs. There is something extremely rewarding about seeing young people polishing their craft and doing what they love. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the level of talent and professionalism in the performances. The next time you are looking for something interesting to do, get tickets for a performance put on by a local school. A dance showcase, play, even a talent show. You'll be happy you did. And who knows, maybe you'll witness the next Meryl Streep in action, everyone gets their start somewhere.
And that's your daily good thing!

Curtain Call. Singer and dancer Sydney Roberts with Jack Webber after a performance A piece showcasing the "behind the scenes" warm up routine of a high school dance company
Hula Performance featuring Sydney Roberts Jack Webber as Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet
Jack Webber makes his enterance as Tyblat in an ourdoor performance of Romeo And Juliet

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