Sunday, December 27, 2009

Have Holiday Traditions

Have Holiday Traditions that are unique to you and your family and friends. It makes the holiday season that much more special, and gives you something extra to look forward to. Holiday family traditions are something that everyone will look forward to. Whether it is baking Christmas cookies or going caroling, reading the original Christmas story from the Bible on Christmas Day or making latkes from scratch using an old family recipe, create or continue holiday traditions. My family has Holiday traditions that I look forward to every year. It wouldn't be Christmas Eve if I didn't stay up playing Monopoly with my siblings, or if we didn't take turns reading Christmas stories like the How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Gift of the Magi . These are simple but special traditions I can't imagine growing too old for, and want to someday pass onto my own children. A Holiday tradition can be anything from cooking a special meal, having a secret santa gift exchange with your friends, or seeing the Nutcracker. The important thing is you are doing things that will create memories for a lifetime.

And that's your daily good thing.

My little sister reading us her favorite holiday story
My brother Jack reading The Gift of Nothing
Playing Monopoly with my brother and sister on Christmas Eve
More Christmas Eve stories


  1. adorable family1 how have i not met them??! Love seeing you in your element with family...
    lets see... family traditions for me? We all do our Christmas shopping on the 24th (half of the stores are closed...hence the heavy sock giving). Mom buys "the" tree the night before, sticks it in a turquoise flower pot and puts in on the coffee table. Nieces and nephews open gifts after dinner... football game is on all day... i'm reading in a corner drinking wine all day, trying to avoid the children. Finally the marathon of old christmas classics. Soderlind Christmas in a nutshell. Won't you come join my sweet?

  2. Lovely post, darling!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  3. A very warm post babe... Happy to see you got together with your loved ones for Christmas!

    Also, Happy New Year!!


  4. That last picture is so precious! Love your blog Katie, your book post just inspired me to re-read The Giver. Also one of my favorite books :) Glad to see you're enjoying life to the fullest!

  5. Thanks Sara! Great to hear from you :)
    Wonderful to hear that my post made you want to re-read The Giver. Definitely one of my all time favorites. Hope all is well xo