Monday, December 14, 2009

Waltzing through Life

Learn the the basic steps of a Waltz.The Waltz is a beautiful and classic dance that is well worth knowing. Take a class with a friend, or learn in your own living room with an online tutorial. And if you have been born with zero dance ability (like myself) you can still appreciate and get lost watching a wonderful Waltz. With all the dance shows on tv these days, you have lots of opporunities to watch and learn from the best. One of my favorite reality dance shows, So You Think You Can Dance, often features waltzing. Below is a waltz that I could watch again and again. Whether you are planning a trip to Vienna, have an upcoming wedding to attend, or just want to feel graceful and beautiful, knowing the Waltz is a skill well worth having.
and that's your daily good thing!

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