Sunday, November 1, 2009

Go Local

You have probably heard a lot about "shopping locally" and how beneficial it is for farmers and how eating locally grown food reduces CO2 emissions, etc. What you might not know is how FUN going to a local farmers market or stand can be.Getting the opportunity to talk to the farmers themselves, or people who work directly with them, is really wonderful. Ask them questions about how to store their produce, or cooking tips. I got to know a vendor at the Davis Farmers Market, and I regularly bought my produce from his stand. My loyalty paid off, he often gave me an extra red onion, or added his favorite produce of the season to my bag, for free. He was always curious about what I cooked, and sometimes we swapped recipes. Even if cooking isn't your thing, go just for the atmosphere. I can almost guarantee that you will have a good time. And you don't have to live out in the countryside to experience a farmers market. Lots of big cities and college towns have weekly farmers markets. Here are some of my favorites.

San Fransisco Farmers Market in the Ferry Building:

Davis Farmers Market in Central Park:

London has lots of farmers markets, I especially love the Borough Market , but explore all the other wonderful markets London has to offer :

Atlanta's Morning Side Market often has Chef Demonstrations:

Hong Kong is full of "wet markets" where you can buy anything from live chickens to the exotic dragon fruit. There is also a more traditional Farmers Market at the Central Star Ferry Pier:

Orange County has lots of great farmers markets too, including one right near UC Irvine.

Wherever you are, there is probably a Farmers Market closer than you think. So take a break from the supermarkets, and try spending a Saturday morning wandering a Farmers Market.

and that's your daily good thing!

Kula Country Farms in Maui

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