Monday, November 30, 2009

Take a Mental Picture and Enjoy the Moment

We've all been there. The light is perfect, the scene is beautiful, you reach for your camera left it at home. The battery is dead. Memory card is full. The camera won't focus in time to capture that perfect moment. Instead of enjoying the amazing sunset you find yourself getting frustrated and paying more attention to your camera. I love taking and having great pictures, but occasionally in my hurry to "get that shot" I lose focus (no pun intended) of enjoying the moment. Left is a pcture of that very thing happening. I was in this beautiful old building in London with a dear friend and my camera wouldn't work. After a minute of pouting about it I put it away and enjoyed my surroundings. (photo credit- Jennifer Ball)
The next time your camera acts up, instead of getting frustrated, take a mental picture and soak up the moment. Even if you do have a fully functioning camera, once you have taken a few shots, put your camera away and don't review the pictures until later. Just enjoy being where you are. No matter how great your photo turns out, it won't beat the memory and mental picture of being in that moment.

And that's your daily good thing!

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