Monday, November 9, 2009

Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure- Reality Shows

I love to read. I love to hike. I love to learn. I love to do things that enrich my mind and my spirit. I also really love a good reality TV show. This week I am getting my wisdom teeth out (all four) so forgive me if my posts seem a little uninspired. While I recuperate I am going to be indulging in a lot of guilty pleasures, so that is the theme for this week. Guilty pleasures...everybody has them and it feels great to indulge in them. Especially when you really need it.

There are a few reality shows that I love to follow. I am going to be watching a lot of reality TV while I recuperate from getting my teeth out. I like to think that they all have their redeeming qualities.

This show is awesome. Probably my favorite. The challenges are creative, the food always looks amazing, and in one word, Padma. With beauty, poise, and excellent taste she adds a great flavor to the show. Currently I am watching Top Chef- Las Vegas. In true Vegas style there are high stake quickfire challenges, visits from celebrities like Pen and Teller, and tons of twists. I personally am rooting for Kevin from Atlanta. Check out the website to watch episodes and see recipes from the show. As soon as I can eat solid foods again I am definitely going to try a few.

If I like Top Chef because I love to cook, I like SYTYCD because I know I can't dance. I am blown away by the talent of these dancers! In addition to being incredibly entertained, I also learn about different dances. For example, have you ever heard of the Passodoble? I sure hadn't. My favorite part about watching the show though is when I just really love a performance, but I don't know why. In my very not knowledgeable opinion, that is when a dance is really good, when there is no need for a technical explanation for what made it amazing, it just is. This is a great show for dancers and non dancers alike.

A race around the world! What is not to like? Every episode competing teams go to different parts of the world where they compete in wacky and wonderful activities. It is like the travel channel crossed with the game show network, with a big dose of drama thrown in. I love when the teams go places I have been, but I also love seeing places I have never been to and adding those places to my list of places to go someday.

So whether you have had a hard day, need to relax, or just want to be entertained, indulge in the guilty pleasure of reality TV!

and that's your daily good thing!


  1. Katie,
    ok, i am SO weirded out because guess what i am doing this week?! getting my wisdom teeth out too! four baby! ha ha. we must be related. i hope you are ready for only jello and ice cream this week!

  2. you are a fantastic one you know that? Love this.... love it all. So much love for you....