Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late Night Dining- 24 Hour Diners

24 hour diners are one of my favorite things. 24 Hour Diners are atmospheric, fun, and most importantly open all day and all night. The menu usually ranges from breakfast food to burgers and I have never been to a diner that didn't have a great milkshake. They are ideal for a late night dinner after going to a concert or the theater. 24 hour diners make a great pit stop during a night out on the town. And sometimes you might just get a craving for pancakes at 3 AM. Or perhaps you and a friend feel like going on a drive and get hungry, where better to refuel than at a 24 hour diner? Some of my favorite high school and college memories are at 24 hour diners. Here are a few of my favorites.
Harbor House Cafe in Orange County, California. There are a few located along PCH. In highschool my friends and I used to love to take drives along PCH and end up at Harbor House.
Denny's! Another high school favorite. This one definitely didn't make the list for the quality of the food, more for the memories. After a school dance, football game, or spirit night event Denny's was the go-to place. You can find one in almost any town. Landmark Diner in Atlanta, Georiga. I have actually never been here but I have heard it is amazing so I can't wait to try it out. Jerry's Famous Deli. Not an actual diner, but as a delicious 24 hour deli it merits a place on this list. Great food in a great location. I especially recommend the matzo ball soup.
The Flying Pan in Hong Kong (also pictured top left). Great for brunch or for a midnight snack. While living in Hong Kong I held an extra special place in my heart for the Flying Pan because I knew I could get an American style breakfast at any time. My favorite thing to order though was the Breakfast Burrito, with breakfast potatos added inside of it. Out of my group of friends from all over the world, everyone loved the Flying Pan and we ended many nights there. As one good friend once put it "The Flying Pan- where the good nights end!" Two of my best friends getting ready to order.

So the next time you are craving a midnight snack don't just go to a late night drive through window, make it an experience and go to a 24 hour diner.

And that's your daily good thing!

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